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Who decides how much criminal injury compensation I am likely to receive?

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) handles criminal injury compensation claims. The CICA is a government funded body which enables the victims of crime to be able to claim compensation even if the perpetrator has not been caught. The CICA has fixed tariffs for the many different types of injuries that can be suffered. These tariffs are used to calculate how much compensation you should receive.

Even when the perpetrator of the injuries are caught and found guilty a compensation claim is not made against the criminal as they would likely not have sufficient funds to cover it and would not be covered by any personal liability insurance. This responsibility falls on the CICA who evaluate the merits of any claim and award compensation accordingly.

For a case to be successful the CICA must determine whether or not you played a part in the criminal act and if it resulted in you suffering physical or psychological injuries. This could range from being witness to a criminal act that has a psychological effect on you right through to suffering a most serious physical attack.

When considering injuries suffered the most obvious ones are often the physical ones such as cuts, bruises, scarring or broken bones.

Often the psychological effects are long term and do not heal as readily as the physical injuries. Anxiety, stress and even depression can result from being caught up in criminal acts and do not always surface immediately after the incident. These can reveal themselves months or even years later and can have long term effects.

The CICA only compensate for injuries that according to their tariffs are worth over £1,000. The most serious injury awards go up to £500,000. You are able to claim for more than one injury, getting the full value for the most serious injury with subsequent injuries receiving a reduction according to the CICA rules. Usually the three most serious injuries will be compensated but there are some incidents that fall outside this rule.

Our online criminal injuries compensation calculator will give you a guide as to how much you could expect to claim.

You may also be compensated for loss of earnings, medical expenses and some other costs that occurred as a result of the injuries.

We have a free criminal injuries compensation calculator that offers a guide as to how much you could receive if you have suffered criminal injury.

There are many factor that can determine any compensation award like the type of injury, the severity of the injury and any long term effects it has on your life. We offer a no win no fee service to give advice and help guide you through the process of making a claim whilst ensuring maximum recompense.

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