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Glassed on a night out leaving permanent facial scarring

I was on a night out with friends at a local pub; I could hear a heated discussion going on between some people at the next table. Suddenly there was a lot of noise and clearly a fight had started behind me, and glasses were being thrown and I was hit in the face with a wine glass.

It was really scary; the cuts on my forehead bleed lots and the ones by my eye meant I was afraid to open my eye until the doctors looked at it at hospital.

The police were called to the pub and when I spoke to them, they were the ones who called me an ambulance.

I was worried about giving a statement to the police as the other people were all regulars at my local pub and I knew they lived in the area. I was glad I did though as they were charged and convicted in court.

I had to have stitches in my forehead and my cheek. The scars were right across my face; they are still really obvious and will never go away.

I used to work on the front desk at a beauty parlour; I’m too scared to show my face to customers now and my own family think I look scary.

The cuts have healed as much as they are ever going to, but the impact of the assault has spread into all areas of my life. I have not worked since; and signed off on long term sick and am having therapy for PTSD.

My claim with the CICA took into account both the physical and mental injuries and an amount towards loss of earnings for my time off. I was awarded the maximum possible amount for facial scarring, which was £11,000.00 plus the other aspects of the claim.

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