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Minor Brain Damage lasting over 2 years, Orbital blowout with no operation and fractured ribs £23,215

I was standing at my front door with 2 friends chatting whilst we had a cigarette. Two strange men asked us for a cigarette but we declined as we didn’t have many left. One of them suddenly hit me in the face for no reason. I tried to run away but they caught me, threw me to the floor and then both started kicking me all over my body. Eventually they stopped and ran away and my friends dragged me home, unconscious. My wife asked my friend to call an ambulance and the police, and I was taken to hospital.

I had fractured three ribs, my face was swollen and deformed and I had bruises all over my body. I still suffer psychologically as I am petrified to go out after dusk, I do not trust strangers, I have nightmares and my marital relations have been affected. My friends and I still see the people who attacked me on the streets near where we live.

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