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Violent assault resulting a broken arm

I was assaulted by a neighbour in a dispute over where the boundary fence should sit between our back yards.

There had been an ongoing dispute for weeks, but nothing more than a few cross words ever. I took the fence down and we had left it with no fence or marker or anything for a while. I thought we would just leave it like that and be done with it.

I was out in my garden with a friend and suddenly my neighbour came over and he was shouting and talking very fast like he was crazy. He just started throwing things at me, like plant pots and garden tools, whatever was lying around.

I put my arm up to cover my face and one of the heavy pots hit my arm. I knew right away it was badly hurt. We had to call the police to get him to stop; they came out straight away and arrested him.

I had to go to hospital and found out my arm was broken, and I needed an operation. It was still causing me severe pain a year on, and I made a claim through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority and awarded £3500 for the injury.

I have been able to use the money to pay for some private treatment, rather than sitting on an NHS waiting list.

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