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What type of arm injury can I claim compensation for?

CICA arm injury compensation calculator is specially designed to show you how much compensation you will be entitled to. Claims may be made for fractures to radius which is the forearm bone connecting the thumb. Compensation is also available for breaks to the humerus or upper arm and ulna which is the other forearm bone on the little finger side.

How do I use the CICA arm injury compensation calculator?

Please select the arm injury option below. You will then be presented with further options on our CICA arm injury compensation calculator until it can determine and show you how much compensation you are entitled to for your arm injuries.

Please let us know what criminal injuries you have suffered to your arm

  • Please select the arm injury suffered in the assault
    Fractured humerus (upper arm bone) - one arm
    Fractured humerus (upper arm bone) - both arms
    Fractured radius (inner forearm bone) - one arm
    Fractured radius (inner forearm bone) - both arms
    Fractured ulna (outer forearm bone) - one arm
    Fractured ulna (outer forearm bone) - both arms
  • Please select the severity of suffering
    Substantial recovery
    Continuing significant disability
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* The value quoted is only a guide as to what a claim could be worth depending on circumstances.
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Not the calculator you want?

We also have other compensation calculators to help give an idea of how much the CICA payouts are likely to be.

Can I claim for more than one criminal injury?

Yes, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Schemes of 2008 and 2012 allow you to claim for up to three different physical injuries. If you are unfortunate to have suffered multiple physical injuries as a result of an assault, you may find our comprehensive CICA compensation claim calculator better to use. This CICA calculator can combine more than one injury, and apply the correct level of compensation. This is because the CICA only awards full compensation on the most serious injury. The next most serious injury it pays 30% of the normal tariff compensation. The third or least serious injury it awards 15% of the criminal injuries compensation.

Here is an example of how compensation is paid for multiple criminal injuries

Three injuries are suffered as a result of an unprovoked attack during a burglary. A fractured forearm (radius) with continuing significant difficulty. Broken front teeth requiring crowns and a dislocated elbow with substantial recovery. The injury with the highest award of compensation is the fractured forearm which has a CICA compensation award of £3,500 the elbow is £1,500 and the teeth is £1,000.
Forearm £3,500 @ 100% compensation = £3,500
Elbow £1,500 @ 30% compensation = £450
Teeth £1,000 @ 15% compensation = £150
Total compensation £4,100

Can I claim for psychological injury as well as physical injury?

Yes you can. The rules on this are more complex. Please see our psychological & physical injury combined calculator.