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What type of leg injury can I claim compensation for?

CICA leg injury compensation calculator clearly shows how much compensation you are entitled to claim. Claims may be made for fractures to femur also known as the thigh bone. Breaks to the tibia or shin bone and fibula which is the slender bone from knee to ankle.

How much CICA compensation am I entitled to?

Please select the leg injury option below and our CICA  leg injury compensation calculator will show you how much CICA compensation you are entitled to.

How can I use the CICA leg injury compensation calculator?

Click on the button for the leg injury suffered on the calculator. Confirm which injury you have suffered and how serious the injury is. See how much compensation you can receive. Start your CICA claim.

Please let us know what criminal injuries you have suffered to your leg

  • Please select the leg injury suffered in the assault
    Fractured tibia (shin bone) - one leg
    Fractured tibia (shin bone) - both legs
    Fractured femur (thigh bone) - one leg
    Fractured femur (thigh bone) - both legs
    Fractured fibula (slender shin bone) - one leg
    Fractured fibula (slender shin bone) - both legs
  • Please select the severity of suffering
    Substantial recovery
    Continuing significant disability
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* The value quoted is only a guide as to what a claim could be worth depending on circumstances.
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Can I claim for more than one criminal injury?

Yes you can claim for up to three different physical injuries. If you are unfortunate to have suffered multiple physical injuries as a result of an assault, you may find our comprehensive CICA tariff calculator better to use. This calculator can combine multiple injuries and apply the correct level of compensation, as the CICA only pays full compensation on the most serious injury. The second most serious injury it pays 30% of the normal tariff compensation. The third or least most serious injury it pays just 15% of the criminal injuries compensation. The rules on what can be claimed for our set out in the criminal injuries compensation scheme 2012

Here is an example of how compensation is paid for multiple criminal injuries

Three injuries are suffered as a result of an unprovoked attack in a nightclub. A fractured wrist, a punctured lung and a sprained ankle. The injury with the highest award of compensation is the fractured wrist which if there is continuing significant difficulty has a CICA compensation award of £6,200, the puncture lung is £1,500 and the sprained ankle is £1,000.

Wrist £6,200 @ 100% compensation = £6,200

Lung £1,500 @ 30% compensation = £450

Ankle £1,000 @ 15% compensation = £150

Total compensation £6,800

Can I claim for psychological injury as well as physical injury?

Yes your can. The rules on this are more complex. Please see our psychological & physical injury combined calculator.

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