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How can I receive CICA compensation for a broken arm?

Arm anatomy

arm anatomy

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, pays compensation to blameless victims of crime. A broken arm often occurs as a result of a violent assault. This might be from the blow itself or trying to avoid a kick or punch and falling to the ground as a result.

Breaks occur to the humerus, which is the bone in your upper arm. The radius or radial bone connects the elbow to the wrist and is on the thumb side. The ulna which also connects the elbow to the wrist and is on the little finger side.

If you have suffered a broken arm as the result of a crime we can help you claim compensation. Call 0330 300 5000 now!

How much compensation can I receive for a broken arm?

The Criminal Injuries Compensation scheme 2012 sets out a list of injuries with specific amounts of compensation for each one. It is called a tariff list, and has about 400 different injuries caused by assaults listed.

Each type of injury, e.g. broken humerus, radius or ulna not only has a specific level of compensation for the injury, it also has different amounts of compensation for the recovery from the injury. Injuries that cause permanent damage will usually pay more compensation, even where the original injury might be considered more minor.

Is it possible to calculate the exact amount of compensation I should receive?

Yes, there is a specific CICA arm injury compensation calculator for the individual injuries. The calculator will clearly show you how much compensation you are entitled to for injuries to your forearm and upper arm.

Can I bring the claim for compensation myself?

Yes, if you are feeling confident you may wish to bring your claim for a broken arm yourself. This website has lots of useful information to help you bring your claim yourself.

Can you act for me to bring my claim?

We would love to help you secure the compensation you deserve. We always do this on a No Win No Fee basis, so you only pay if you are successful. Whilst it is straightforward to see how much compensation you are entitled to for a broken arm, it is harder to make the CICA pay out the compensation.

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Why don’t they just pay out once an application is made?

As the CICA is a taxpayer funded government body, it has limited resources. As with most organisations that cost money, the government in their drive for austerity, are looking for ways to reduce the amount it costs. This means they make it harder than ever for you to receive compensation. We have been obtaining compensation for victims of crime, suffering injuries such as broken arms, for over 20 years and have a very good record in obtaining the most compensation in the shortest amount of time. We believe we make a genuine difference.