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CICA claims for the victims of sexual assault

The CICA entitles victims of Sexual Assault to receive compensation for their physical and emotional injuries. Historically statistics show a very high percentage of victims are young females.  Over half of all victims of sexual violence are female between the ages of 10 and 24. As a result many victims are affected by their ordeal for life.

The levels of compensation you may be entitled to as a victim of sexual assault ranges from £1,000 for sexual acts over clothing, to £44,000 for rape and long lasting emotional injury. In addition, compensation may be payable for loss of earnings.

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Other examples of claims for sex offences include;

£13,500 for rape by more than one attacker;

£22,000 for repeated sexual abuse over a number of years;

£27,000 for sexual assault causing severe permanent mental illness.

Proportion of violence against the person offences

To offer a guide as to how much compensation could be claimed we have designed a quick reference Sexual assault compensation calculator. For a wider range of injuries we have also designed a more complete CICA compensation claims calculator.

Time limits for CICA claims

In order for you to be eligible for compensation, you must report the incident to the Police as soon as you are able to. Research by Rape Crisis, England and Wales, suggests only 15% of those who experienced sexual violence did report the assault to the Police. Unless it is reported, the CICA are unlikely to agree to pay any compensation.

Claims for compensation to the CICA for sexual assault need to be made within 2 years of the attack, unless there is proof of mental illness which prevents a victim from claiming. In cases of historic sexual abuse, the rules are different and compensation may be awarded where the incident is not reported at the time.

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Eligibility for compensation under the CICA scheme is complicated, and victims may find it helpful to use a professional service to assist with their claim.

At CIC it is our aim to explain clearly and compassionately how the CICA compensation service operates. Whether you are male or female our caring advisers will handle your claim for sexual assault, and be with you every step of the way.