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Assaulted after a football match resulting in teeth knocked out

I had been at a local match with a friend and walking home there seemed to be a commotion in the street; there was a group of lads who were fighting. You could tell it was fans from each of the clubs who had started an argument as you could see their different scarves.

We tried to go round it to walk passed in a hurry and keep out of the way, but they started throwing things, like cans and bottles.

It was all over very quickly; I don’t even know what it was that hit me in the face, but I think it was an object rather than a person. I felt a sharp pain in my mouth and felt my lip bleeding.

The police were there on site already and several people seemed to be injured. I tried to tell them what had happened, but it was all very confusing. I had to go to A&E and my friend drove me rather than wait for an ambulance. I spoke with the police again when I was in the hospital.

I had a big cut on my lip that needed stitches and two of my front teeth had been knocked out. It was such a quick thing to have a long-lasting effect. I needed false teeth, as well as having a scar around my mouth.

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme awarded me £3120 for my injuries which has helped with private dentistry.

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