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Making criminal injury compensation claims

How to claim for criminal injuries?

To be able to make a criminal injury compensation claim an application must normally be made within the two years of the assault occurring. Unless you were under 18 when the criminal injury occurred, in which case you have until your 20th birthday, or if it is historic sexual abuse you may bring a claim after that if you have not reported it to the police until now.

By contacting the Criminal Injuries Compensation, we will be able to assess your claim quickly to see if you are eligible for compensation. We can usually give you an indication of how much compensation you are entitled to. What type of criminal injury claim you can make. How long your compensation claim will take.

To talk to us about making a claim call 0330 300 5000 for an informal no obligation chat

Sexual abuse or sexual assault must be reported to the police as soon as possible. If the sexual abuse or sexual assault was not reported at the time you must explain why you did not report it. Let us know as we may be able to assist you with what reasons the CICA will accept.

Medical treatment should also sought where possible or indeed necessary, particularly if the abuse has caused psychological injury. Post traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety are all conditions that are a common result of sexual abuse and assault which claims can be made for.