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Sexual abuse by my uncle when I was young

I was sexually abused by my uncle, can you help?

Sexual abuse – I was sexually abused by my paternal uncle. He used to abuse me when I visited my grandparents’ house. This was from about the age of 7 until about 9. When I was 13 I started self-harming on a regular basis. I also developed anxiety, depression and panic attacks. I never really understood I self harmed, until I saw a therapist in 2013. They helped me to disclose the sexual abuse, which was then reported to the police.

Whilst my claim for compensation did not heal my emotional scars, it has helped my financially to move on with my life. I was able to use the CICA calculator to see how much compensation I was entitled to for sexual abuse. When I was ready I called their helpline and spoke to Lakhvinder, who helped explain how a claim could be made. I was pleased Lakhvinder offered me a no win no fee agreement. She explained there was nothing to pay unless I was successful.

The way my sexual abuse claim was handled, helped me to focus on my emotional welfare, and when I received my compensation I was able to treat myself.

We hope you find this genuine case example helpful. You may also find it helpful to read a free book on the internet called the courage to be me.

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