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CICA claims for assault victims

If you are punched, kicked, stabbed or shot, you have been physically assaulted. The CICA is a tax payer funded scheme, which entitles blameless victims of crime to receive compensation for assault.

In 2015 there were over 800,000  violent crimes in the UK, with almost half causing an injury to the victim.

Table 5a: Police recorded violence against the person – number and rate of offences

England and Wales
Apr ’04 to Mar ’05 Apr ’09 to Mar ’10 Jul ’13 to Jun ’14 Jul ’14 to Jun ’15
Violence against the person offences 845,673 699,011 666,891 830,289
Homicide 868 620 525 569
Violence against the person – with injury 515,119 401,244 335,885 390,538
Violence against the person – without injury 329,686 297,147 330,481 439,182
Violence against the person rate per 1,000 population 16 13 12 14
Source: Police recorded crime, Home Office

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Provided the incident has been reported to the police, and you co operate with their investigations, you will be able to claim compensation for your injuries.

There are many different levels of compensation for assault, depending upon the seriousness of your injury.

We offer a guide as to how much compensation could be claimed with a quick reference assault compensation calculator. We have also designed a more comprehensive CICA compensation calculator to offer a guide on a wider range of injuries.

Here are some examples of the amounts of compensation you may be entitled to;

  • £1,000 for sprained wrist lasting more than 13 weeks
  • £1,000 for damage a front tooth requiring a crown
  • £3,500 for partial loss of smell or taste
  • £3,500 for dislocated shoulder
  • £6,200 for a fractured jawbone, requiring an operation and causing continuing significant difficulty
  • £6,200 for fractures to both knees with continuing significant disability
  • £13,500 for serious permanent double or blurred vision
  • £16,500 for serious permanent impaired grip in both hands
  • £22,000 for loss of sight in one eye
  • £33,000 for loss of leg below the knee
  • £44,000 for total deafness in both ears

We are here to help you obtain the maximum compensation you are entitled to under the CICA compensation scheme. Call our helpful advisers to obtain free no obligation advice on whether you can make a claim. If you would like us to bring the claim for you, we will clearly explained what is involved and how are No Win NO Fee service operates.

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