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Can I make a claim as an adult if one has already been made when I was a child?

If a claim was made on your behalf when you were still a child, you may not make a second claim for the same incident when you become an adult. The CICA scheme will not allow you to make a claim for the same incident twice.  However, under some circumstances it may be possible to have a claim re-opened.

For such cases we need to establish the basis of the medical evidence the original decision was made. For instance it may have been for the physical assault / abuse, but over the years the child now turned adult suffers repressed psychological symptoms which could not have been anticipated when the original award was made.

If a psychological report can be obtained that confirms the symptoms have occurred as a result of the original incident, and the symptoms are sufficiently serious to warrant additional compensation. It may be possible to reopen a CICA case where an award was originally made as a child.

Our experienced team of advisers are happy to discuss your case on an informal no obligation basis. If we believe there is sufficient information to submit a further claim we will advise you and act for you on a no win no fee basis.

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