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Can I make a compensation claim if nobody has been convicted of the crime?

You can still obtain full compensation for criminal injury even if no one has ever been caught or convicted. The only conditions for making a claim are that a crime has taken place, you have suffered a personal injury as a result and you have fully co-operated with the police, by reporting the incident and making a full statement.

Whilst the CICA will make a full investigation of the facts of your case, they accept that there are occasions when it is not possible to identify the person who has assaulted you. You may have suffered memory loss due to the trauma of the attack, the assailant may have had their face covered or have even fled the country.

Our specialist advisers understand that if you have been mugged walking home from a night out, assaulted during a robbery or a victim of sexual assault, not only do you have cope with the immediate injuries of cuts, bruises or even broken bones, but in addition to this, there may well be continuing psychological injuries which take longer to heal. They will discuss with you your options and help you to bring your claim quickly and with great sensitivity.

Working with the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) we can obtain compensation for you even if nobody has ever been convicted or even arrested.

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